My last name Kempf is not quite Finnish, but I do come originally from Finland.  I have family of three cultures, due to which  I'm travelling often around the globe, not only for business but also for pleasure. 

I started to photograph already in high school, but took a side step to economics and gave my analog camera a rest for a while. I returned to photography a decade ago, as I fell in love again with the play of light and shadows, movement of people and their emotions. 


 Today I'm combining my business skills with media industry and also work as a solution focused coach in mission to help the entrepreneurs to excel their results in their field of business.

I'm very sensitive and empathic with heart in customer services - or so my clients tell me <3

Make an appointment with me and let's discuss about your story and how we can tell it with photos.


I'm FineArt Photographer who is hooked on to beauty, love and human connection.

I'm interested in light and different kind of beautiful and funky environments, therefore I mostly photograph outdoors or in very special indoor locations. Naturally, I photograph also in studios, where the technical side of me takes over in form of creating beautiful light and mysterious shadows with studio lighting.



Winner of Best Finnish Wedding Photography of 2016

Winner of Best Finnish Wedding Documentary Photography 2016

Interview with MTV 

Interview with Häät-magazine 

Interview with Häät- ja Juhlat magazine 

Interview with Kodinkuvalehti- magazine

Interview with Olivia-magazine


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